The company

La Andaluza Group

La Andaluza is a catering franchise which works in Spain and abroad. It is the second trademark of La Andaluza Group, a business group from Seville.

The management team of La Andaluza Group has more than 15 years of experience in the catering franchise business. In 2013 they created their first brand: La Andaluza Low Cost, which works in Spain. Since then, the evolution of both brands has been paramount in Spain and abroad.

La Andaluza Group is present in 31 provinces in Spain and has a Master Franchise in Portugal


The gastronomy from Spain is one of the most popular worldwide. Our recipes contain the best flavours and textures of the best Spanish cuisine (stews, paella, cold cuts…).

We serve tapas and portions formats. Our clients taste the best of Spanish gastronomy!

We offer several options of Kobe beef (Wagyu) and the authentic Spanish fried fish.

The spanish gastronomy is one of the most popular worldwide.



 La Andaluza in Spain

About Us:

  • More than 15 years of experience
  • Presence in Spain and Portugal
  • We offer elaborated Spanish cuisine
  • We adapt the business to each franchisee needs
  • The best brands
  • Different business models

Our business:

  • We don’t have two identical premises… Become a franchisee does not mean be equal to the others!
  • We sell elabiorated spanish cuisine
  • Tapas and portions formats
  • The best prices for your customers!

Business Models

  • La Andaluza restaurants
  • La Andaluza Quality
  • Corners
  • Non smoke kitchens
  • Hotels restaurants
  • Turnkey contract (Only in Spain)


La Andaluza Worldwide.

  • We export a success business and safety in your investment!
  • Master Franchise Business model: Each Master Franchise will develop their own catering franchises in a selected country with HQ’s help.
  • Each Master Franchise will work exclusively the brand La Andaluza

  • The characteristics of each Master Franchise will be established in each case
  • Ask for more information about our International Business Model now
  • More information here!