International business model

Become an international franchisee

Master Franchise

A Master Franchise are the headquarters in the destination country.

Become a Master Franchisee and invest in a business with exponential growth.

Each Master Franchise will develop its own La Andaluza franchise network in the destination country with the supervision and help of the Spanish HQ.

It will have exclusivity over its market area, expanding its own franchise network and offering its own business model following simple requirements related  to La Andaluza.

  • We will design a website and an exclusive ecomerceplatform for each Master Franchise and its franchisees.
  • We willteach you the recipes, restaurant management, comercial…
  • We have an exclusive design manual for our restaurtants. Your clients will travel to a real Spanish tapas restaurant anywhere!
  • We will adapt the business to each market in relation to the menu, the prices and the offers.
  • Trust a team with lots of experience.We will give you support and assistance from the Spanish HQ. We want you to have the best Spanish restaurant!




Single Restaurants (Only in Europe)

Now you can open a restaurant in any European country without a Master Franchise in the destination country!

You can offer  authentic Spanish tapas with the best flavour and authenticity. Join our catering franchise!

We will help you transform your comercial premises into a real Spanish Tapas Bar, with the best prepared Spanish food. With no trial and error involved, with no mistakes.

We have several business models:  We can redesign working restaurants into our brand. We can redesign ANY premises with NO SMOKE VENTS into a tapas bar! We can open a Spanish tapas bar in small premises, corners (both brands will work the same place!), hotel bars, etc.… Ask for more information today!

  • We will study your menu. We want you to have the best food and offers for your customers!
  • We will negotiate with the local suppliers to get the best prices and benefits margins for you!
  • We will give you access to an exclusive ecommmerce platform where you wil buy the best Spanish products.
  • We will teach you how to cook our dishes and how to manage the restaurant.




Become a Portugal Franchisee

Our Master Frcnhises from Portugal are looking for franchisees there!

After securing their standard restaurant in Porto our master franchisees are looking for entrepreneurs who want join their busines there. If you want to open a spanish tapas bar in Portugal ask for more information right now!

We have several business models in Portugal:  We can redesign opened restaurants into our brand, we can redesign ANY premise into a tapas bar with NO SMOKE EXIT!, we can open a spanish tapas bar in small premises, we can open corners (Both brands will join the same place!), we can open in hotels bars… Ask for more information today!

You can write us at [email protected] or you can visit their website here:

  • The menu has been designed for the destination country. Their customers enjoy an Iberic menu which fuse the best spanish gastronomy with the best portuguese gastronomy.
  • Exclusive website and ecommerce for Portugal.
  • The business model is very similar than the spanish one. The teaching the design, the offers…  Take advantage of the groups power!