La Andaluza Menu

La Andaluza Menu

In La Andaluza restaurants you can savour the authentic Spanish flavour in tapas and dishes formats.

You can find several options of starters, vegetables, meats, iberian cold cuts, kobe beef and the authentic spanish fried fish… In La Andaluza restaurants you can savour the gastronomy culture from the best mediterranean cuisine!

Enjoy it!


  • Iberian ham
  • Sheeps’ cheese
  • Seafood salad
  • Partridge pâté
  • Marinated pork fillet (served cold)
  • Homemade croquettes
  • French fries with 3 sauces (Roquefort, garlic mayonnaise and mustard&honey)
  • Grilled vegetables with ham
  • Fried surf and turf (vegetables and seafood)
  • Stuffed eggplant
  • Duck liver foie served on French toast with honey
  • “Salmorejo” from Córdoba
  • Stuffed mushroom with ham, seafood and roquefort
  • Stuffed mushroom with Iberian ham and cream cheese
  • Stuffed green peppers with monkfish and prawns served with squid ink sauce
  • Spanish omelette with whiskey sauce

Kobe beef (Wagyu):

  • Kobe beef carpaccio
  • Spicy Kobe beef sausage with fried quail egg on toast
  • Kobe beed black pudding with fried quail egg on toast
  • Kobe beef caviar
  • Kobe beef tartare
  • Kobe beef tataki
  • Scrambled eggs with Kobe beef black pudding and Pedro Ximénez sauce
  • Kobe beef croquettes
  • Kobe beef hamburger


  • Goats’ cheese salad served with Módena and honey vinaigrette
  • Mozzarella and tomato salad served with basil oil
  • Fresh salad in season with tuna


  • Breaded fried chicken served with honey&mustard sauce
  • “Carrillada” (Iberian Pork cheeks cooked with vegetables)
  • Beef sirloin with whiskey sauce
  • Beef sirloin with roquefort sauce
  • Iberian pork with sherry sauce
  • Iberian pork served with authentic Iberian ham
  • Fillet steak

Fried Fish:

  • “Acedías” (Wedge Sole)
  • Red Mullets
  • “La Andaluza” squid
  • Marinated dogfish
  • Cuttlefish
  • “Boquerones” (Anchovies)
  • “Ortiguillas” (Anemones)


  • Tripe Sevillian style
  • Squid meatballs
  • Eggplant delight
  • Chickpeas with prawns

Scrambled and fried eggs:

  • Potatoes with cheese sauce
  • Scrambled eggs with “gulas” (surimi baby eels) and salmon
  • Fried eggs with french fries and Iberian ham
  • Fried eggs with french fries and “gulas” (surimi baby eels)

Small sandwiches:

  • Marinated pork loin
  • Beef sirloin
  • Beef sirloin with Iberian ham and cheese
  • Prawns


  • With “Salmorejo” and iberian ham
  • With smoked salmon and cream cheese
  • With marinated pork fillet and goat cheese


  • Tuna with onions
  • Garlic shrimps
  • Marinated salmon with onions, black olives, and pickles
  • Cod cooked in the “Roteña” style
  • Grouper cooked with “Manzanilla”