Regarding the cookie policy of the website, in case the web page has them and these are not inherent to the operation of the WEB or as referred to in section 2 of article 22 LSSI “for the sole purpose of carrying out the transmission of a communication over an electronic communications network “: A cookie is an information file that the server of this website sends to the device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) of the person accessing the page to store and retrieve information about the navigation that is carried out from said device. BODEGALCO, S.L. uses different types of cookies (technical, analytical and social) solely for the purpose of improving the user’s navigation on the website, without any type of advertising or similar object. BODEGALCO, S.L., through cookies does not collect any personal data. All cookies, except those used by the Google Analytics statistics system, are temporary and disappear at the end of the session. BODEGALCO, S.L. uses the following cookies on this website:

IDEIDAnalyticsPersistent cookieCookie used by to collect information anonymously, including the number of visits to the website, from where the visits and web pages visited have arrived.Third Parties ( )

First name Kind Expiration Purpose
Own / Third Parties
SIDCC Analytics Persistent cookie This cookie is used by Google to provide services and extract anonymous information about browsing. Third (Google)
1P_JAR Analytics Temporary cookie Google cookie. These cookies are used to collect website statistics and track conversion rates. Third (Google)
Analytics Persistent cookie It contains a unique ID that Google uses to remember your preferences and other information. Visualization of maps using the Google Maps application. Third (Google analytics)
_gat_UA-xxxxxxxx-x_dc_gtm_UA-xxxxxx-x Analytics Temporary cookie Google Analytics tracking cookies. It is used to limit the percentage of requests. Limited Duration. Third (Google analytics)
_ga Analytics Persistent cookie: 2 years It is used to distinguish userss. Third (Google analytics)
_gid Analytics Temporary cookie: 24 hours It is used to distinguish users Third (Google analytics)
_gat Analytics Temporary cookie: 1 minute It is used to limit the percentage of requests. If you have implemented Google Analytics using Google Tag Manager, this cookie will be called_dc_gtm_<property-id> Third (Google analytics)
__utma Analytics Persistent cookie Two years from the configuration or update It is used to distinguish users and sessions. The cookie is created when the JavaScript library is run and there is no cookie __utma. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. Third (Google analytics)
__utmb Analytics Session cookie 30 minutes from the configuration or update . Third (Google analytics)
__utmc Analytics Session cookie End of browser session It is not used in ga.js. It is configured to interact with urchin.js. Previously, this cookie acted together with the cookie __utmb to determine if the user was in a new session or visit. Third (Google analytics)
__utmv Analytics Persistent cookie Two years from the configuration or update It is used to store personalized visitor variable data. This cookie is created when a programmer uses the method _setCustomVar with a custom visitor variable. It was also used for the withdrawn _setVar method. The cookie is updated every time data is sent to Google Analytics. Third (Google analytics)
__utmz Analytics Persistent cookie Six months from the configuration or update Stores the traffic source or campaign that explains how the user has reached the site. The cookie is created when the JavaScript library is run and updated each time data is sent to Google Analytics. Third (Google analytics)
Analytics Persistent cookie When you create or log in to a Google account, the cookies PREF, NID, HSID, APISID, SID, SSID, SAPISID, GAPS, LSID, BEAT, ULS are stored on your computer in order to remain connected to your Google account. when visiting their services again. While you remain with this active session and use add-ons on other Web sites such as ours, Google will use these cookies to improve your user experience. Third (Google)
AID Advertising Persistent cookie Google uses cookies to make advertising more attractive to users and more valuable to publishers and advertisers. Cookies are often used to select ads based on content that is relevant to a user, improve the performance reports of the campaign and avoid showing ads that the user has already seen.
Google uses one or more cookies for the ads we show throughout the Web. One of our main advertising cookies on non-Google websites is called “IDE” and is stored in browsers in the domain. Another is stored in and is called ANID. We also use other cookies called DSID, FLC, AID, TAID and exchange_uid. These cookies can also be used in other Google properties (eg, on YouTube) to show you more relevant ads.
Viewed_cookie_policy Acceptance Persistent Identify if the user has accepted the use of cookies on the web Own (Cookie Law Info)



Advertising Persistent Cookie used by to collect information anonymously, including the number of visits to the website, from where the visits and web pages visited have arrived. Third ( )





Analytics Persistent cookie Cookie of the link in the web towards social networks.
Cookies are used to make Facebook easier or faster to use; activate functions, save information about the user (included in your device or in the cache of your browser) or on the use of Facebook; publish, know and improve advertising; monitor and understand the use of the products and services offered; and protect users and protect Facebook.
Facebook may ask advertisers or other partners to display their ads or services on computers, mobile phones or other devices, which may use a cookie, pixel or other similar technology placed by Facebook or other partners (although not shared with that advertiser no personal information that can identify the user). 
Third (Facebook)


Analytics Persistent cookies Twitter uses cookies to distribute, measure and improve its services:
-Authentication and security: authenticate access to Twitter and prevent unauthorized persons from accessing your account; show the user the appropriate content through their services.
-Preferences: To remember information about the browser and user preferences
-Analysis and research: To improve and understand how people use services, including Twitter buttons, widgets and Twitter Ads.
– Custom content: To personalize services with more relevant content, such as personalized trends, stories, announcements and suggestions about the people you can follow.
-Advertising: To offer ads, measure their performance and make them more appropriate for the user.
Terceros (Twitter)





Analytics Persistent cookies
YSC: End of browser session
These cookies allow:
The control of visits to Youtube videos.
Keep track of the videos visited that are embedded in the web page. Google uses cookies, such as cookies PREF, NID and SID, to customize the ads that are displayed in Google services, such as Search for Google. They use these cookies, for example, to remind you of your most recent searches, your previous interactions with the search results or with an advertiser’s advertising and your visits to an advertiser’s website. That way, they can show you personalized ads on Google. We use YouTube videos to host video content. When you visit a page on our website that contains an embedded YouTube video, YouTube creates at least three cookies: VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE, use_hitbox and PREF. In some cases, a GEO cookie is created. We use YouTube services for the convenience of our visitors, and as long as Google’s privacy policy is followed. The loss of information stored in a preferences cookie may make the website experience less functional, but should not be used. affect its operation. 
Third (Google – Youtube)


This list will be updated as quickly as possible as the website services offered in it change. However, occasionally during this update it may be that the list does not already include a cookie, although it will always refer to cookies with purposes identical to those registered in this list.

The user may, at any time, choose which cookies he wants to work on this website by

a) The browser configuration;

b)Third-party tools, available online, which allow users to detect cookies on each website they visit and manage their deactivation.

Neither this website nor its legal representatives are responsible for the content or the veracity of the privacy policies that may be held by the third parties mentioned in this cookie policy.

The acceptance of the present policy implies that the user has been informed in a clear and complete way about the use of data storage and recovery devices (cookies) as well as that BODEGALCO, S.L. You have the user’s consent to use them, as established in article 22 of Law 34/2002, of July 11, on Services of the Information Society and Electronic Commerce (LSSI-CE).




Name of the cookie

Kind of cookie

Purpose of the cookie



Permanent Cookie

This cookie can generate an ID to a user, so we can know how many times he has visited the website. This cookie also let us know the first and the last time the web has been visited.


Login Cookie

To calculate and register the end of  the session.



Login Cookie

Verify if the session must be finished..


Permanent Cookie

This cookie is only operational if you use the custom variables.


Permanent Cookie

This cookie registers the user origin and the keywords. Its expiry date is six months, However it renews each time the website is visited.

NOTE: This list will be updated as soon as possible when a new cookie added. However, meanwhile the updating time it would be possible that a cookie has changed into another with the same purpose.

How to set up or disable a cookie?

It is possible to allow, block or erase the installed cookies in the set up of your browser. If the installation of cookies is market as disable in the browser you could not access to some services and you will not find the best experience in our website.




In Bodegalco, S.L. we never keep the personal data unless you register in order to purchase our products and services or if you want to receive promotions.

Browsing and continuing in our web site you admit these cookies policies.

Third-party services.

Find enclosed a list with the third-party services and their cookies.

Supplier name



Cookie purpose


(Third-party information details:


Facebook uses some cookies to make an easier and faster navigation, to keep user information (included in the browser or into the device you are using…) besides the use of Facebook: to publish and make better advertisement, to supervise the services and products and to protect users and Facebook itself.




(Third-party information details:


Twitter uses these cookies to distribute and improve their services:

-Login and security: In order to avoid non authorised people to access with your data. To promote a proper content.

-Preferences: Cookies to remember the browser preferences and the user desires.

-Analysis and research: Cookies to improve and to know how people use services, widgets and advertisement in Twitter.

Customised content.- These cookies are used to customise contents and make then useful to the user: Stories, advertisement, suggestions, customized trend…

– Advertisement.- Cookies to offer advertisement, analyse it and make a proper research to the user.