Become a franchisee

Become a La Andaluza franchisee in Spain!

Do you want to open your own restaurant with our support? We will work for you!

Opening a restaurant is more difficult without the power of a group. Become a franchisee and take advantage of joining our company!

We have different departments to help our franchisees in consultancy, recipes, marketing, design… all the support is included in the fee.

La Andaluza’s management team has more than 15 years of experience in the catering franchise business. Take advantage with our experience and join our brand.

Catering Franchise

Sell the authentic Spanish Tapas. The spanish cuisine is one of the most important worldwide, now you can sell the real spanish flavour!

We can adapt ther business model to each franchisee’s needs. Ask for more information with no commitment!

We have restaurants in 31 Spanish provinces and one Master Franchise in Portugal.


If you want to become your own boss, and you fancy opening a tapas bar… We are your best option!

It is not necessary that you have experience in the catering business, we will help you and we will train you. We will advise you too in everything you will need.

Our product is eternal. Invest in a safe business!

Business owner

If you already have a premise (A bar, a cafeteria, a shoe store …) and it does not leave you a good profit margin we can convert it into a tapas bar in only 20 days!

We will study each case to redesign it to our brand.

And do not be worry about the smoke exit. We have a choice without it!



What is the investment for?

  • Face-to-face training at the franchisee’s premise
  • Online positioning work of your restaurant (In our web page, in Google maps, we will make web or blog entries when the franchisee make prominent events,  we will make mentions in La Andaluza’s social networks…).
  • Uniforms
  • Recipes
  • Offline advertising (5,000 brochures)
  • Personalized online advertising of the opening (Press releases, Social Media, a post in our website...)
  • Design and adaptation of the premises (With vinyls, PVCs, posters ...)
  • Consultancy in management, recipes, marketing, advertising, design ...
  • Access to our exclusive online shop
  • Menus



Advantages for franchisees

They will have the support of a parent brand
They will have assistance and consultancy work from HQ’s throughout the contractual period about: Management of the premise, recipes, advertising, marketing, design, Internet positioning …
They will have a safe business
Our product is eternal. The Spanish gastronomy is recognized and valued in Spain and abroad! Invest in a profitable and secure business.
We help you finding financial aid (Only in Spain)
We have a financial department which can help you complete the necessary documentation for financial aid
Exclusive areas for each restaurant
We will plan the next openings respecting the locations of the opened restaurants.
They will have the cheaper prices!
With our recipes and food you won’t waste products. You will save a lot of money!

Authentic Spanish food
You will have the REAL Spanish food at your restaurant. We have the best business contacts to offer the  best Spanish products at your restaurant.