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La Andaluza is a catering franchise from Spain which sells the best Spanish recipes in portions & tapas formats. It is the second restaurants brand of El Grupo La Andaluza, a business group from Seville with more than 15 years of experience in the catering franchise business.
Since 2013 they have been working with the brand La Andaluza LC in Spain. This is one of the more successful catering franchises in the country.
Since 2015 El Grupo La Andaluza has been working with a second brand of catering franchise: La Andaluza in Spain and abroad.

We sell authentic spanish tapas all over the world. Do you want to open a Spanish tapas restaurants? Don’t hesitate and contact us today!! We will take care of you with no commitments!



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In La Andaluza we work very hard to offer the best product and service. After many effort we can emphasize that we are one of the catering franchise with more deveoptment in Spain.

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Export the best Spanish flavour worldwide!

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We want to export the real spanish cuisine worldwide and we have different kinds of spanish tapas restaurants. Choose your favorite!

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Descubre la opinión y experiencia de Bibiana, nuestra franquiciada de Punta Umbría, Huelva.
En esta breve entrevista nos traslada su opinión sobre nuestra franquicia y nuestro modelo de negocio Sin Salida de Humos. Nuestros franquiciados tenían una cafetería que reconvirtieron a bar de tapas gracias a este nuevo sistema, y hoy comparte con nosotros su valoración.