What is a cookie for?

A cookie is a small parcel of information stored on the computer by websites. Cookies allow to a web site to add and reload some information about the user navigation habits and, depending on the information or the way the computer use them, can recognise the user.

Which kind of cookies we use?

  • Our own cookies.- Are those that we sent to your computer from our computers or server in order to attend the service you have claim to us.
  • Third-party cookies.- Those that are send to your computer from a computer or sever from another company . For example, social network websites or external content as Google Maps.
  • Login Cookies.- They are temporary cookies. They are into the internet browser until you left the website, therefore they are not downloaded to the hard disk. They are used for analyzing patterns in the internet traffic. Consequently, a better experience and contents can be offered.
  • Permanent Cookies.- They are copied to the hard disk so our website can read them when you visit the web again. They have expiration date and they are used for making easier login and purchase services.
  • Technical Cookies.- They are required for running the internet browser and our website. They allow your computer to take control of the internet traffic data, to visit our restricted access area, to use security elements, to add media content in social network…
  • Custom Cookies.- Those that allow the visitor to access the website with some specific configuration, for example, language, browser, area, etc…
  • Analysis Cookies.- They let us know the number of users and the statistics of what they do with our service. That is how we can offer a better service and contents.
  • Adds Cookies.- They are used to manage the advertisements in our web page.
  • Behavioural advertising Cookies.- These Cookies can keep information about the users’ desires. Then Internet can show advertisement more interesting for the user.

Additionally, a Cookie can be installed in your hard disk when you visit a web or a mail where you can find an advertisement or a promotion of our products.  We used them to analyse our own advertisement, how many times they have been seen, where and when they are seen, etc…

Detail and purpose of the cookies that we use.

Please, Find bellow the cookies that we use in our website and their purpose.



Name of the cookie

Kind of cookie

Purpose of the cookie



Permanent Cookie

This cookie can generate an ID to a user, so we can know how many times he has visited the website. This cookie also let us know the first and the last time the web has been visited.


Login Cookie

To calculate and register the end of  the session.



Login Cookie

Verify if the session must be finished..


Permanent Cookie

This cookie is only operational if you use the custom variables.


Permanent Cookie

This cookie registers the user origin and the keywords. Its expiry date is six months, However it renews each time the website is visited.

NOTE: This list will be updated as soon as possible when a new cookie added. However, meanwhile the updating time it would be possible that a cookie has changed into another with the same purpose.

How to set up or disable a cookie?

It is possible to allow, block or erase the installed cookies in the set up of your browser. If the installation of cookies is market as disable in the browser you could not access to some services and you will not find the best experience in our website.




In Bodegalco, S.L. we never keep the personal data unless you register in order to purchase our products and services or if you want to receive promotions.

Browsing and continuing in our web site you admit these cookies policies.

Third-party services.

Find enclosed a list with the third-party services and their cookies.

Supplier name



Cookie purpose


(Third-party information details:


Facebook uses some cookies to make an easier and faster navigation, to keep user information (included in the browser or into the device you are using…) besides the use of Facebook: to publish and make better advertisement, to supervise the services and products and to protect users and Facebook itself.




(Third-party information details:


Twitter uses these cookies to distribute and improve their services:

-Login and security: In order to avoid non authorised people to access with your data. To promote a proper content.

-Preferences: Cookies to remember the browser preferences and the user desires.

-Analysis and research: Cookies to improve and to know how people use services, widgets and advertisement in Twitter.

Customised content.- These cookies are used to customise contents and make then useful to the user: Stories, advertisement, suggestions, customized trend…

– Advertisement.- Cookies to offer advertisement, analyse it and make a proper research to the user.